Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's All About the Jackson's!

I'm back, people!

And I'm ready to spit all the wildness that has been building in my head. Through tragedy ALWAYS comes triumph. Don't forget it...there's serenity in the notion.

Speaking of notions, when did the wine landscape become so cavernous that this jewel of juicy joy from Saumur had been kept away from so many for so long. It is none other than the 2008 Lydie et Thierry Chancelle Saumur Blanc and it is here to ravage you.

Chenin Blanc is the grape that polarizes many but in the hands of an artisan with great vineyards, I defy you to not recognize and behold the wonder in the glass. I could go on and on for days about the bounty of citrus, stones, lemon/limes (call it li-mon), minerals, white corn and saltiness superior, but I won't... Oops! Well, I guess I just did! No, this won't set you back like Bienvenue Batard or even village Meursault. This cup-runneth-over-with-love white will cost you just an old wrinkled photo of Andrew Jackson, nothing more. I're welcome...twas my pleasure as always...
Next on the hit list--the varietals I love to hate.
JCB the 4th

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