Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ya Heard Me...

Good evening, friends. As my usual move, I'll apologize for not being prolific writing. But hey, I got thangs to do.

This post is just about a few random things that I've heard of late, not to be attributed to the person who said it to keep the guilty innocent...

-In reference to a pretty violently corked bottle presented to me for tasting after I said that I thought it was not sound, "It's funky now for sure but it will get better with some air."

-In reference to a friend who doesn't have a Twitter account, "I don't believe in twat!"

-In reference to some very much needed ice in NYC, the gas attendant said, "I can give you a cup of ice for $1.50 or a bag for $2.50."

-In reference to some particularly delectable salumi, "It's like meat butterscotch!"

-In reference to the local bakery guy not having any coffee ready at 9:15am, "The girl just left me here...sorry, but it''s not my fault."

-In reference to the not particularly cold bottle brought to a BYO, a server brings a glass filled with ice cubes and a spoon, "For your wine..."

Wine rant on the way this weekend...

JCB the 4th

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