Thursday, June 9, 2016

That's Right...I'm Back!

Greetings Planet Earth, 56 Degree Wine Faithful & Folks with WAY too Much Time on Their Hands...

I have decided to revive my blog, Le Monstre du Vin, or "The Freak of Wine" en Francais, after a 5 year hiatus.  Can't believe it's been that long.  I promise to make Le Monstre 2.0 more fun and more scathing than ever and most likely, a career mistake.  Oh, and get off my chest all the venom this elder "L'Enfant Terrible" can muster.  

Since I abandoned you back in 2011, life and the wine world have drastically changed.  I married a gorgeous lady, had a beautiful daughter and realized that I am far better suited to complaining about, tasting, assessing, purchasing, and selling wine in retail than I am at being a wholesale sales rep.  In addition, my palate has changed a bit, my views on wine have shifted and my tolerance for nonsense has dwindled.  Yeah, I've still got a wee bit of a chip.  I'm a little chunkier (working on that) a little funkier and I've got 5 years of toxins that need purging from me.

So please do check back regularly.  As this is just an intro or rather a reintroduction of sorts, the real meat in the sandwich comes next week...I think I will make the first of many errors by spilling my guts on the natural wine trend and why I'm not overly impressed.  Did you hear that?  It's the boisterous, sucking sound of industry folk in NYC unfriending me on Facebook and Instagram.

Much Love,

JCB the 4th


  1. Any winemaking philosophy that gets reduced to dogma is laughable. Look forward to your skewering of filthy, mousy swill.